Selection of reference projects from different industry sectors

Following there is a selection of reference projects from the last ten years which are carried out by Hunger Hydraulik. For these projects similar technologies like special piston rod coatings are used and they have been milestones for its industry sector because of size, importance or unique technical solution.

This selection shows only some highlights from the last years. Please see also our reference lists for different industry sectors.

Customer Reference List

For Hydraulic Cylinders new and rebuilt

CustomerProduct GroupQty.Bore size
AllvacVacuum Furnace Lift Cylinder6310mm
Ajax Rolled RingRing Rolling Equipment2390mm
Altos Homos (Mexico)Steel Mill Cylinder2250mm
Andritz HydroHydroelectric Project4250mm
Andritz Hydro2Hydroelectric Project1263mm
Berg SteelTube Mill Cylinder1720mm
Berg SteelTube Mill Cylinder2360mm
Chrysler de MexicoAutomotive Presses4250mm
CTLFatic Testing Equipment11200mm
DAKBailer Presses3320mm
Eastern ChemicalBailer Presses3381mm
FLSmidthStone Crasher Equipment2202mm
General DynamicsMilitary8368mm
General DynamicsMilitary40040mm
General MotorsHydraulic Press Cylinder2380mm
HolcimStone Crasher Equipment2470mm
HydrodyneBridge Application4320mm
Hydradyne TampaBridge Cylinder4360mm
James HardieHydroelectric2245mm
J.H. BennettPresses Automotive8406mm
LummusBaler Presses8420mm
Manufacturing TechnologyFriction Welding Machines41200mm
NOV/ TransoceanOffShore6560mm
Ovako Ajax lnc.Ring Rolling Equipment1390mm
RingmasterRing Rolling Equipment2650mm
RingmasterRing Rolling Equipment1790mm
RotekRing Mill, Press Cylinder3320mm
RotekRing Mill, Press Cylinder1970mm
SESSteel Mill Equipment2914mm
SESSteel Mill Cylinder3420mm
Smurfit-Stone RecyclingPresses11100mm
SonocoHydraulk Press Cylinder3380mm
Steel Dynamics, lnc.Steel Mill Equipment1210mm
Stress EngineeringFatic Testing Equipment1790mm
Stress EngineeringFatic Testing Equipment1508mm
Stress EngineeringFatic Testing Equipment3530mm
TarmacStone Crasher Equipment4470mm
ThyssenKrupp RobinsMining Equipment1305mm
UT-Batelle LLCNuclear Equipment, all stainless3230mm
UT-Batelle LLCNuclear, all stainless2308mm
VAM Group USATesting Equipment6508mm
Van DykeScrap, Presses, Sheers3360mm
Voith -AppletonRoller1616mm

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