We do your heavy work, with experience and precision.

Serving you since 1981 in the USA

A Global Company
Hunger Hydraulics USA, located in Rossford, Ohio since 1981, provides complete hydraulic systems and products through a network of distributors and sales representatives throughout USA, Canada and Mexico.

We incorporate Hunger DFE Sealing and Bearing Ring Systems which offer extreme resistance to chemical, thermal and mechanical loads and low friction. Hunger is one of the leaders in protective rod coatings for harsh environment (sea water, waste water, water emulsions).

Our Engineered Cylinder line consists of over 300,000 designs for the most demanding applications.

We maintain a technical support team to assist you with solutions to the challenging applications for hydraulic components and complete hydraulic solutions. Our Customer Satisfaction Team is trained to respond to your questions regarding quotation documents and repair services.

Hunger Hydraulics USA is a subsidiary of the Hunger Group. The Hunger Group is comprised of 12 subsidiaries located in 8 countries. The Hunger Group has over 70 years of design and manufacturing expertise in Engineered Hydraulic Components and combined systems solutions for various heavy duty applications.

The Hunger Group provides 8 standard cylinder lines, Custom Cylinders, Double Acting Telescopic Cylinders, Power Units, Rotary Actuators, Seals & Bearing Rings, Swivel Unions and Maintenance Free spherical bearings and rod ends.

World Class Quality
The Hunger Group is certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and Hunger Hydraulics USA complies with these processes.

Our components and assemblies are tested and certified to meet ASTM, ASME, ABS, DNV, Loyd's Standards and customer performance specifications. Regular calibration of inspection and measuring equipment is absolutely necessary for precision manufacturing and error free production.

HUNGER Hydraulic Solutions – Successfull Operating Worldwide