Custom made hydraulic cylinders

Serving you since 1981 in Rossford, Ohio USA

Hunger Hydraulics USA, located in Rossford, Ohio, provides complete hydraulic systems and products through a network of distributors and sales representatives throughout USA, Canada and Mexico …

Hunger Hydraulics USA provides 8 standard cylinder lines, Double Acting Telescopic Cylinders, 
Custom Cylinders for most applications – heavy duty meets high precision

Cylinder rebuilds, repairs

and manufacturing of new custom made cylinders

Hunger Hydraulics USA is the specialist in building Custom Cylinders and also Rebuilds for heavy duty applications at highest precision.

We are prepared for all types of damage to cylinders. Our experienced specialists ensure that also products of other manufacturers can be repaired inexpensively and within the shortest possible time.

Machining cababilities

Lathes up to 22,000Lbs & Mills up to 33,000LbS

As a full service manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders Hunger Hydraulics USA also offers milling and turning services.

Learn more about our machining capabilities at our machine shop Rossford, Ohio
with details about maximum Chuck Sizes, Maximum Swings, Table Sizes and more ...

Worldclass quality – made in the USA

tested and certified to high quality standards

The Hunger Group is certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards
and Hunger Hydraulics USA complies with these processes.

Our components and assemblies are tested and certified to meet ASTM, ASME, ABS, DNV, Loyd's Standards
and customer performance specifications. ...

Custom Made Hydraulic Cylinders and Solutions

Sales - Engineering - customer support

Our Engineered Cylinder line consists of over 300,000 designs for the most demanding applications.

We maintain a technical support team to assist you with solutions to the challenging applications
for hydraulic components and complete hydraulic solutions.

Custom new Cylinders, Rebuilds and repairs

Hunger Hydraulics USA designs and builds Custom Cylinders for most heavy duty applications.

We are also prepared for all types of damage to cylinders.

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Machining cababilities

Hunger Hydraulics USA offers milling and turning services.

Get more details about weights and measurements we can handle and at our machine shop Rossford, Ohio.

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Worldclass quality – made in the USA

Certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Our components and assemblies are tested and certified to meet ASTM, ASME, ABS, DNV, Loyd's Standards ...

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As Hunger Hydraulics USA is a subsidiary of the Hunger Group our experts can draw on over 70 years of design and manufacturing expertise in Engineered Hydraulic Components and combined systems solutions for various heavy duty applications: Offshore and Hydropower – Nuclear – Military – Heavy industrial Application – Hydraulic Presses – Civil Engineering (Bridges & Dams) – Aluminium Continuous Casting – and more

Hydraulic Equipment and complete Solutions

Tailor made – for heavy duty Applications

View all fields HUNGER Hydraulic provides individual solutions for

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15 - 18 January 2018

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May 8-11, 2017

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