Special Seal and bearing elements for high dynamic movements

Accumulator loaded, high dynamic long stroke cylinders need a special taylor made sealing and bearing system to cope with extraordinary system loadings and operational speeds. Only highest quality engineering plastics, elastomers and PTFE-based compounds can guarantee low friction grades and stick slip free movements.

Special developed Hunger DFE components like friction reduced lip seal TRO-I can improve the reliability of the whole cylinder system remarkably. For these demanding applications piston rods often come with coatings consisting of carbides, oxides or stainless steel in order to improve service life under operation – Hunger seals can be adapted to these hard wearing surfaces

Our sister company Hunger DFE is an experienced hydraulic seal system provider and parter of customers in the oil and gas industry since several years.

Hunger DFE offers a large range of PTFE-Compounds, elastomer, rubbers and molded thermoplatics - each grade adapted to the demands of the application.

Hydraulic equipment and seals in oil and gas industry have to bear hardest climatic and geologic conditions and must operate successfully at any time. To secure these properties and guarantee a safe, efficient and economic production, different solutions special adapted to the application are offered.

HUNGER Hydraulic Solutions – Successfull Operating Worldwide