AGC (Automatic Gauge Control) - Roll force cylinders

Roll force cylinders operate in the tough environment of steel mills, used in the manufacture of sheet and bar stock. Smooth and efficient operation of these cylinders is of utmost importance together with reliability and long life.

At the initial design phase the focus is on a very robust design incorporating wear resistant bearing materials and optimized low friction sealing elements. Control manifold blocks with servo control valves, safety valves and pressure sensors can also be provided with roll force and AGC cylinders.

  • Customized heavy duty cylinder design, optimized for reliable long life
  • Piston and rod surface with hard chrome layer and/or hardened surface
  • Hunger DFE-low friction seal elements
  • Piston guiding with bronze or plastic compound bearings
  • Integrated position measuring system as an option
  • Integrated anti rotation device as an option
  • Integrated spherical bearings or roller bearings as an option 
Technical data:
Piston diameter up to:1.600 mm
Stroke up to:600 mm
Design pressure:400 bar


In addition to new cylinders refurbishment and modernisation of used roll force cylinders can be offered as a cost effective and fast alternative solution.

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