The required bending resistance of the piston rod, also at possible asymmetrical load distribution on the casting table, is being constructed to the casting table size, the casting mass, the casting length as well as the admissible casting tolerance. At the same time, the expected total displacement of the casting table over the stroke is being calculated with the differential equations of the bending line at variable load. Our clients receive already in the projecting phase a for us binding statement to the expected casting quality of their plant.

The calculation protocol contains, besides the indication of the project, the load data, the bending line and the stroke dependent travel of the guiding tolerance. The result of the calculation is shown in a diagram and can be made for any load-stroke combinations.


Standard guidance exactness of the integrated anti-rotation protection: Less than +/- 4 min (+/- 0,067°) over the entire stroke

The proof of the guiding exactness belongs to the standard inspection scope during the client acceptance test in our company. 

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