One of the main equipment features of the Hunger casting cylinders is the integrated anti-rotation protection over the entire stroke, which is available for single and double acting cylinders. The extremely stiff piston rod guidance in the cylinder head ensure a constant guiding length over the stroke. For the increase of the bending and anti-rotation resistance, the head guidance is additionally being supported by a piston guidance. Furthermore, low friction seal and guiding elements of plastic compound-construction ensure a stick-slip-free movement.


General technical standard data of self guided vertical casting cylinders
(Special solutions are possible on demand):

Casting weight:up to 250 t
Casting stroke:up to 15,000 mm
max. plunger diameter:> 1,000 mm
Anti-rotation accurancy over total stroke:>± 4 min for plunger cylinder
Piston rod coating:Ceraplate
Hydraulic fluid:Mineral oils, synthetic esters, water-glycols ect. (For example HLP32, Shell Irus D46, Quintolubric)



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